Demitificando a Obama

Siguiendo el desencanto de grupos progresistas y de derechos civiles con el candidato demócrata Barack Obama tras sus posiciones asumidas en temas como el financiamiento público de las campañas políticas, la política de Israel, FISA y la Cuarta Enmienda y la retirada de las tropas de Iraq, se anuncia este libro de Paul Street.
Barack Obama and the Future of American Politics, publicado por Paradigm Publishers, saldrá en octubre de este año.

Estas son algunos comentarios al libro:

“Street punctures widely held myths in this unflinching and unsentimental account of Obama’s centrist, corporate-friendly policies. But Street offers some saving grace here: a new Obama administration may oxygenate the grassroots movements that are the true architects of change, opening up space for hope.”
Charles Derber, Coauthor of Morality Wars and The New Feminized Majority

“All those interested in truth rather than seduction should read urgently this wise book by Paul Street, who peels away the mask of the ‘Obama phenomenon’ and reveals power as it is, not as many of us wish it to be.”
John Pilger, Director of the film, The War on Democracy

“That the Obama phenomenon is of considerable significance in American social and political history should hardly be in doubt. But what exactly is it, and where might it lead? This lucid and penetrating book situates it firmly within the ‘corporate-dominated and militaristic U.S. elections system and political culture,’ explores in depth its substantive content and its limits, and draws valuable lessons about how these might be transcended in the unending struggle to achieve a more just and free society and a peaceful world. It is a very welcome contribution in complex and troubled times.”
Noam Chomsky

Barack Obama and the Future of American Politics is a much needed burst of clear, brisk conceptual air that cuts through the fog of fantasy and wish-fulfillment. His meticulously researched, carefully argued analysis of Obama’s career and his politics performs an important task of demystification. It is also an eloquent and bracing reminder that progressive agendas will not be advanced through vesting hopes and aspirations in candidate-centered politics, that there is no quick and easy substitute for the task of building a serious, institutionally grounded, working-class based political movement —from the bottom up and top down.”
Adolph Reed Jr., University of Pennsylvania

Hay que leerlo para que no nos cuenten. Por ahora pueden leer este artículo en The New Republic que discute la  política exterior que adoptará Obama y la compara con la de Reagan.