La Ruina del Turismo

La ruina del turismo

Aquí la opinión del National Geographic Traveller con respecto a los valores del turismo en la Isla.

"Conditions vary enormously. The renaissance in cultural interest begun in the 1950s still thrives, and most Puerto Ricans are zealous about protecting their heritage sites. Suffering from too many people, both residents and tourists, and too little environmental sensitivity on the part of both.
Some parts of San Juan have changed quite a bit in recent years, like the Condado neighborhood, which is looking more like a mini-Waikiki every year! The fort El Morro, and the neighboring streets of Old San Juan are still a pleasure to stroll. Except for the constant traffic jams in and around San Jaun, El Yunque rain forest is a wet, tangled joy of a day trip. The tourism industry is realizing they need to diversify their all-inclusive sun, sand, golf, and casinos product by concentrating their efforts in nature and community-based products. The environmental quality of the island (especially its northern coast) is in serious trouble due to the massive build-out of hotels, condos, and housing. The aesthetic appeal is practically ruined by these structures." (Ver el sitio)

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gaby dijo...

En cierta parte es cierto lo que dice el articulo, pero Puerto Rico aun le quedan areas verdes de mas. lo que pasa es que turismo se enfoca nda mas en San Juan y sus pueblos Adyancentes.